Bill Wynne – Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Bill – he is now officially a member of the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame!  Over 300 people have been inducted since 1977, including Bob Hope, John Glenn, Jesse Owens, Dr. Sabin, Lillian Gish, the Mills Brothers, Bob Feller, Woodie Hayes, three former Ohio Governers and Supreme Court Justices.  This is quite an accomplishment for Bill, and he is very honored to receive this recognition.

The induction ceremony took place on May 26, 2009 in Columbus, OH.  The keynote speakers for the event included:

  • Barbara Riley – Director, Ohio Dept. of Aging
  • Armond Budish – Speaker, Ohio House Representatives
  • Ohio Governor Ted Strickland
  • Alan Burnett – Director, Area Agency on Aging Region 9, Inc.

Below is a video of the induction ceremony, which also included the Elder Caregiver Awards Ceremony.  The video has been set to start at Bill’s section at the tail end of the ceremony (with a last name starting with W, Bill has done a lot of waiting at events like this!)  Governor Strickland speaks at 00:06:45 (that’s 6 minutes and 45 seconds) through the video for those of you that want to jump to that spot (after watching Bill of course!)

Credit for providing this wonderful video goes to The Ohio Channel. Thanks especially to Sarah Duffy. You can purchase a copy of this video on DVD or VHS tape here.


  1. Congratulations Bill and we are honored to have your help and support in our Yorkie Rescue work. The Annual Smoky Award carries on your legacy Thank you for recognizing the dogs that have found their way into rescue and finally into their new and forever homes.

  2. Bonnie Dangler says:

    A hearty CONGRATULATIONS Bill for being honored at the Ohio
    Senior Citizens Hall of Fame ceremony. Time will only tell what
    the next 30 years has in store for you. I am thrilled each time
    your many accomplishments are recognized and shared with
    others to enjoy. Your new website rocks!

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