Bill Wynne video – NYC 2007

Here’s a video of Bill Wynne (along with Susan Bahary – sculptor of the Smoky memorial in the Cleveland Metroparks) from a 2007 trip to NYC:


  1. Hi Bill. Nice video and of course the sculpture of Smoky is wonderful for this great little dog. Thanks for all the work you’ve done to have our canines acknowledged during wartime. You are one in a million, as was Smoky.

  2. Hello Bill.
    I was so happy to find out about this Blog.
    Smoky was and will be an example to the Yorkshire Terrier qualities.thank you so much for all you have done during the years for this amazing breed.

  3. jean paul michaud says:

    were can I get more info on smoky ? did she get any medal ?

  4. Jon Tabar says:

    I would recommend reading Bill Wynne’s memoir about Smoky, titled “Yorkie Doodle Dandy”. You can purchase it on or check it out from your local library. Smoky received several medals and has monuments in various locations from Ohio to Australia. Thanks for your interest!

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